Buy Your RACEMAP GPS Trackers

Racemap GPS trackers are small & light-weigt, splash-proof, work with high precision and increase safety of your participants through SOS alert. Racemap GPS devices are perfect for outdoor adventures and for competitions.

Racemap offers a PRO tracker (GL300 LTE) & a STANDARD GPS device (LK106). Both trackers cover the needs as a personal tracker same as professional GPS solution for multiple athlete tracking of sports events.



Your Easy, Flexibel & Quick Real-Time Tracking

Tracker Hardware & Equipment

Good to go: Buy or rent your GPS Trackers with useful Equipment, all Settings for your Live-Tracking already done


You keep track of all your GPS Trackers directly in your Racemap Account: simultaneously Configuration of many Trackers (without SMS Commands), SOS Alert, Battery Indicator, etc.

m2m-SIM & Network Coverage

m2m-SIM enables almost worldwide Network Coverage. SIM Card uses strongest available Network, thereby extending Battery Life.

Map Features

Interactive Map suitable for your Use Case:  Tracking Map for private Adventures as well as for big Sports Events, support of Tracking App, GPS Trackers & Prediction from Time Keeping, more about our Map-Features


Great Live Tracking for all sports events

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