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High precision, long battery life, safety through memory feature in dead spots, various setting parameters - GL300 fits the needs as personal tracker and as professional GPS device for multiple athlete tracking of sports events.


Combine Racemap options to your tracking package.

  • Option: Daily-Tracking-Map - Flexible & private map for your daily use. Your own personal tracking map, you decide who can keep track to you.
  • Option: Coverage (SIM) - Live tracker communicates through mobile network and therefore you can use traffic packages.




  • for 160,00 € (134,46 € net price)
  • for 150,00 € (126,05 €) in combination with one option

Don't want to buy GPS trackers and care about maintenance, etc? Then you might consider renting our GL300 GPS devices.


    The GL300 Racemap GPS device is lightweight, small and splash-proof (IPx5), making it perfect for outdoor adventures and for sports events. As we already configure your trackers, you can start right away live tracking your activities and competitions. Use your Racemap trackers for private activities same as for every public tracking map. 



    • all settings for Live-Tracking in Racemap tracking portal, 10 sec tracking interval
    • GPS device saves locations in dead spots and sends saved locations when network is available again
    • strong battery: up to 16 hr of live tracking with 10 sec interval
    • high precision: accuracy up to 2,5 m
    • small & lightweight with only 60 g
    • safety: SOS button


    Scope of Delivery

    • Racemap PRO GPS tracker GL300
    • socket charging cable
    • integration into Tracker Management for the lifetime of the device
    • specific QR code




    1 year for 30,00 € (25,21 €)


    Daily-Tracking-Map shows the position of your GPS device real-time. This way your family, friends & colleagues keep track to your activities and you decide who can follow you. Your own map is reachable under an individual URL e.g. racemap.com/player/H.Kohn/ and in Racemap-App. Additional you easily share your personal map in your Facebook page or blog. You can also invite friends into your Daily-Map for multiple live tracking.





      Basic: 50 hr live tracking per month, tracking interval of 10 sec

      1 year for 3,00 €/month = 36,00 € (30,26 €)


      Premium: 150 hr live tracking per month, tracking interval of 10 sec

      1 year for 4,50 €/month = 54,00 € (45,38 €)


      For real-time tracking the GPS device communicates through the mobile network and therefore you use optional traffic packages. With our m2m SIM solution your tracker is not limited to one specific network operator but always uses the best available network in nearly every part of the world. Good net coverage extends battery life.




      for 17,85 € (15,00 €) each device


      You want to use your Racemap Trackers with your own SIM cards? But you don't want to spend your time in configuring your specific SIM settings? We do all the settings for you! Just send us your SIM cards, we put it into your trackers, do all the settings and test every single device in combination with your card. When you receive your GPS trackers they are ready to go.

        GPS Tracker GL300

        • dimension 68,5 x 38,5 x 23,5 mm
          weight 60 g
          network GSM/GPRS
          traffic approx. 0,21 MB/hr with 10 sec tracking
          band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
          GPS sensitivity -108 dBm
          GPS accuracy 2,5 m
          reaction time

          27 sec cold start
          27 sec 
          warm start
          1 sec 
          during operation
          3,7 V; 1300 mAh
          Li-ion accumulator
          battery charge
          input: 110 to 220 V
          5 V; 1 A
          stand by &
          running time


          280 hr without tracking
          10 hr with 5 sec tracking
          14 hr with 10 sec tracking
          28 hr with 30 sec tracking
          45 hr with 1 min tracking
          53 hr with 2 min tracking

          storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
          operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
          humidity to 95% non-condensing
          water protection splash-proof with IPx5
          configurable button
          safety feature: SOS alert in tracker management