€11.90 (€10.00 net price) per tracker for one year


Get all the use potential out of your GPS Trackers and integrate your devices into the tracker management of your Racemap account. Working with our tracker management, you save a lot of time configuring multiple GPS units for your sports events - no struggle with SMS commands:

  • control the battery,
  • set tracking interval,
  • set sleep mode,
  • add devices to one of your Tracking Maps
  • share temporary access to selected GPS trackers with another user e.g. when you rent your trackers to your clients.


For every device in your tracker management you receive a specific QR code. Through QR you easily identify your devices with your smartphone or computer. That feature supports you offering your tracker service for athletes directly at the race ground.


For the configurable button we developed an SOS feature. The safety alert is integrated into your tracker management and enables you monitoring the safety of the participants in your event.


All Racemap Trackers you buy or rent in our shop are integrated in your tracker management automatically without aditional fee. In the Tracker Management commands are sent to your GPS trackers through the mobile network, which might increase the traffic.

Multi Tracker Management

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